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Here are all of the awards that has won.

Icon & Link Explanation of Award Date Awarded
Pure Gold Award We wish to reward those sites displaying both creativity and a commitment to their user/client.

We base our decisions not on whether you are "free" or "fee" based, but rather on design, interactivity, and most important content. We seek sites that are useful, informative, or entertaining.  The Pure Gold award is considered by many in the Real Estate industry as the most prestigious web site award available.

February 24, 1999
  The Gold Award rewards web sites that go above and beyond in providing real estate information. We have awarded you with the "Gold Award" from  Normally, I think twice before providing the Gold Award to sites with free information reports.  However, there was so much other information available in your navigation section that I felt you deserved it.  Plus, it is a very nice clean crisp web design. March 9, 
Award.gif (3742 bytes) Linda's site was chosen as site of the day out of more than 70,000 agent & office web sites by Agent News and Real Times, the official news source of the National Association of Realtors (NAR) and the only Internet news service about real estate professionals and their interests. Site of the day on March 4, 1999
Presented by the International Association of Web Masters and Designers
The Golden Web Award is presented quarterly to those sites whose web design
and content have achieved levels of excellence deserving of recognition.
Reals award There are a lot of sites on the web. We wish to reward those sites offering a great contribution to our Real Estate Internet community. March 1, 1999
Great Content Award from Relocation Central What makes a web site interesting? Worth returning to time and time again? Great content, of course. After spending months poring over web sites for Relocation Central, we've come to recognize sites which offer superior information to the relocating viewer. Less than 1/2 of 1% of Internet sites will be recognized in this forum for presenting clean, useful, and content full sites. These sites have Great Content! March 14, 1999
The Editor's Choice Award is given in recognition of a site's exemplary contribution to the real estate industry. It is based on site design, content, relevance, and overall contribution to our field. Less than 5% of all sites we review are selected to receive this respected award.  October 11, 1999
Award given based on the following criteria.

Is the website real estate related?
How informative is the website?
Is the information useful and up-to-date?
Is the design layout and presentation appealing?
How fast does the site load?
Is the site subject of Spam submission?
Do we like the site?

March 16, 1999
top 10% award we only feature the best of the best
Welcome to the Internet's most exclusive search engine for finding an experienced and competent real estate professional. We feature only real estate agents and real estate related companies that have an established business record, good moral and ethical values, and are in good standing with their community and professional associations. As a consumer looking for quality real estate services, we firmly believe that you deserve to do business with only the top real estate professionals in the nation.
October 9, 1999
Award is given to sites that present a great overall balance of:

Creative Design, Layout, Clear Graphics (original created graphics will earn higher award), Java (site is not required to have Java), Page Download, User Friendly, and overall professional appearance and originality.

March 9, 1999
The award is given to those real estate related web sites that demonstrate excellence in design, usability and effectiveness, and show a commitment to using the Internet as a means of delivering information and providing service.  Recipients of this award represent the top one percent of Internet Web Sites, and are truly the "best of the best"! March 22, 1999
IRED rates real estate web sites for their usefulness to Web users seeking information about buying or selling property especially those seeking information about areas where they may be considering a move. Content is foremost but where usability and effectiveness are affected design and presentation are considered as well.

The Not Ready through Excellent icons represent the opinion of one or more IRED's reviewers.

April 24, 1999