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Linda has put together these reports that will help your move go smoothly.

When buying or selling a home there are so many things to deal with.  It is not possible for any one person to know them all.  Below you will find a list of special reports I have found invaluable.

Select the reports that you would like to request below.

1. How to Sell Quickly & For the Most Money
2. Fifteen Things Every Buyer Should Know Before Purchasing.
3. Sixteen Things Every Homeowner Should Know Before Selling.
4. Questions To Ask a Mortgage Banker.
5. Maintenance Tips To Protect Your Home.
6. Places To Find a Down Payment.
7. Reducing Capital Gains.
8. Challenging Property Tax Assessments.
9. A New Approach For a Failed Listing.
10. Considerations For Selling Your Own Home.
11. Headaches Experienced By For Sale By Owners.
12. Should You Prepay Your Mortgage?
13. Pricing a Home To Sell.
14. Refinancing Your Home.
15. Sale of a Principal Residence.

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